Being a drummer at the early age of 13, Paul worked with a variety of San Francisco bay area bands and became an established touring drummer in his teens. Due to issues with his legs, he took a backseat from full time drumming to begin the healing process of his legs. He continued to write music and turn more towards the production side of the music industry. As a touring stage technician, production manager, stage manager and engineer, Paul developed his skills, technically and professionally, rendering him in demand with musicians and touring bands nationally and internationally all while continuing to write and do various studio work. His experience in the music industry made Paul a marketable resource within Corporate America as an International Project Manager, Implementation Manager and Configuration Management Release Manager working with fortune 500 companies. However, once rhythm enters your heart, it does not leave. Paul's calling was rhythmic healing and producing. The Rhythm Priest was born whose main mission is to help others learn how to reconnect themselves to the pulse of mother earth. As a drummer/percussionist, Paul participates in various music productions and facilitates drum circles. As a producer, works with local artists to help them get the best out of their music or production. As an engineer, makes available a fully digital recording studio for composition and production recording and mastering using the latest state of the art technology. With his legs fully healed, Paul is also back to his passion of performing live again.   Michael is a product of the public school music programs which granted him access to a wide vista of performing mediums and genres at a very early age. His early years were spent exploring the many facets of percussion. Michael has extensive knowledge and experience in composing, performing and teaching. A true ethnomusicologist, Michael has degrees and certificates in music theory and composition, percussion performance and music education. He has performed with numerous ensembles from regional jazz and pop groups to world class symphony orchestras. Michael also has performed, conducted and arranged in countless musical theatre productions and has composed Incidental music for Commercials and Computer games as well as music for Documentaries and film. Michaelís ability to organize and use sound patterns to create the desired Physiological, emotional and aesthetic response enables him to effectively permeate the subconscious and paint pictures with sound.

Together, this talented duo composes, records and produces all their own music sharing their musical skills with each song. Both coming from a drumming and management background, the magic that is their creativity is shown by the quality of the music that Unique Drive releases.